Gouten Consulting Limited was established in 2006 by Francis Gouten, who has been working in the business of luxury goods for more than 35 years.

Gouten Consulting Limited provides high-end tailor made consultancy services to luxury goods businesses. We specialize in strategic positioning for brands looking to invest or develop their businesses in the challenging and rapidly evolving markets of Greater China.

Gouten Consulting, along with specialized western partners, is also involved with Chinese companies in the development of Outlets and Shopping Malls.

We specialize in different areas of expertise: Retail | Branding | Consulting

Our services include:
- Commercial and retail recommendations
- Branding and communication action plans
- Business intelligence for both international brands looking to expand into Asia Pacific and high-end local companies looking to expand their businesses in Asia and/or Europe
- Market analysis



Over 35 years of experience in the luxury industry in Hong Kong and Asia.

Francis Gouten


35 years of experience in the business of Luxury Goods.

Worked more than 25 years in Hong Kong, has a special relationship with Asia and understanding of its complex luxury market.

Important and well-established network with all the major players in Greater China market.

Past experience is just important to avoid future mistakes! It is better today to understand how fast Asia leaded by China is moving. If you do not think and breath like local people do not expect to be successful in that part of the world. The old time is over!